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Range of offerings of the 4PL Central Station Group

(I) Strategic matters: active support for the client in site and location planning, in the supply chain analysis, in network configuration, in developing / setting up best-in-class resources, in the integration of 4PL catalyzers in the supply chain;

(II) Tactical matters: Interlock planning and hybrid networking for the detailed harmonization of the processes among suppliers, manufacturers and customers;

(III) Operative matters: operative planning and control of the external procurement logistics, the internal Intralog and of the external distribution logistics; cutting back the interfaces along the supply chain; cross-corporate stock and inventory management to reduce capital tie-up and fixed costs along the supply chain; definition of IT interfaces, data flow between IT systems, planning and controlling the flow of documents; supporting the client in determining and findingprocess-related key data; integration of transportation management (in-country, global); integration of value added services (Light Assembly, Postponement, Kitting, Packaging, Labeling, Bundling, Configuration);

(IV) Engineering/ Consulting: Working out position papers; generating specific check lists; carrying out as-is analyses; feasibility studies; working out rough concepts; preparing expert reports; project management duties; developing detail concepts; computing models and scenarios; working out LOIs and contracts

4PL Power. For more Performance.

4PL Profile delivers. The 4PL Central Station Group sees itself as an independent 4PL brain force and neutral 4PL general contractor for supply chain or logistics matters. The corporate profile is designed to handle and solve complex tasks. The 4PL Central Station Group …

is not tied to conventional lines of transportation or to its own assets (vehicle fleet, warehouses, commissioning or transshipment sheds) and unfettered by their fixed costs;
is totally free of any constraints, arrangements or old boy networks in its decision-making processes in favor of the client;
analyzes, schedules, plans, forms, integrates, controls, accompanies and monitors the customer’s internal and external logistics activities – without interference from transportation and shipping groups which normally pursue their own interests, take part in the haggling around commissions and, as a result, cannot safeguard the necessary neutrality in relation to their clients;
jumps into action when it comes to solving substantial tasks for the client, finding new ways, developing new processes for supply chain or logistics, cutting back unnecessary interfaces and putting through cost cutting programs for cross-corporate logistics activities.

4PL success factors enhance your performance. Supply chain management pays dividends because there is a strong correlation between a first-class supply chain organization and the financal performance of an enterprise – shown by scientific studies. The power of the 4PL Central Station Group shows in the shape of the following success factors:

a high degree of networking of all client’s logistics services in the physical supply system, in the Intralog (internal logistics) and in distribution logistics;
successful slimming treatment for cost-driving interfaces along the client’s supply chain;
active process integration and proactive exception reporting which supports and facilitates the client’s Controlling;
new supply chain structures shortening the client’s transit and throughput times and steadying his flow of commodities;
neutral transportation, warehousing and shipping contract awards to the best in their class, improving one’s own flexibility and the client’s conditions of purchase;
low-friction integration of the IT communication using SAP and/or based on the IT system previously used by the client;
bundling all relevant 4PL measures and actions in order to minimize the logistics costs along the entire supply chain for the client and so to accomplish a step-by-step improvement in profits and results;

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