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July 2011
Contract formation with TRITEC

June 2011
Contract formation with DUSCHOLUX

May 2011
Newspaper article Swiss. Handelszeitung Logistik (CeMat) "Transparenter Materialfluss spart Kosten"

April 2011
Newspaper article in Procurement Asia "The Independent 4PL".

March 2011
Newspaper article in ICIS.com Trusted market intellligence for the global chemical and energy industries "
The Wolfgang Partsch, President of ISC Global, a Swiss and Singapore-Headquartered 4PL"

Januar 2011
4PL Central Station released IT-System TMS (Transport Managment System ).

December 2010
Contract formation with SUNCHEMICAL Europe

October 2010
Entrepreneur Of The Year Olivier & Alexander Bauer finalists

October 2010
Newspaper article Swiss. Handelszeitung "Hat die Wirtschaft 4PL neu entdeckt ?"

June 2010
Establishment of ISC Global Independent Supply Chain , Basel + Singapore

SVC Enterprise Award Nordwestschweiz 3. Rang

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The new era begins.

Abrupt and revolutionary. The new era will be marked by upheavals, by rise and fall. An era in which assets and fortunes are built up and destroyed within a short time. An era in which changes are no longer gradual, but abrupt and revolutionary.

Thinking and acting with a difference. These radical changes will also drastically alter the way in which business enterprises deal with each other in the market. Instead of individual businesses meeting head-on in competition, it will be whole supply chains fighting for market shares. This scenario requires a new way of thinking and acting in all areas of the supply chain and in operative logistics processes.

Significant cost savings.  What is needed are better logistics services which deliver a potential for differentiation from the competitors, which optimize customer benefits, make for significant cost savings and improve corporate profits. This requires the realignment of the supply chain management (SCM) with the aim of reorganzing structures and processes, focusing technical knowledge and skills and new strategies. Whether you strive for a uniform and all-encompassing reorganisation, look for another strategic approach or whether you want to optimize the efficiency of your organization with new networks: We are here to help.

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4PL Central Station Group
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Tel. +41 61 270 92 39
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