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4PL Glossary

You'll find brief explanations of the technical terms used in logistics in this gray box and most others.

Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)

The actual meaning of ECR: the efficient response to consumer requirements. The focus of the classic ECR model is enhancing the efficiency of the goods flow over the entire value added chain from the design stages via manufacturer right through to the retailer – always with the customers’ needs and requirements in mind. A crucial role plays the continuous flow of information from the branch offices to the dealers involved, back to the central systems of the retail trade and from there to the manufacturers’s systems. ECR aims to respond quicker, more flexibly and with target accuracy to changes in customer demands. ECR is based on the tools of the Supply Chain and Category Management processes (more detailed explanations on this website under “What is 4PL?”)

4PL Central Station.

From Pioneer to market leader.

4PL Braintrust and platforms. The parent comany of the 4PL Central Station Group was established in Basel / Switzerland in the year 2000 with a share capital of CHF 1,000,000.00. Purpose and objective of the company was, and is, to form a 4PL braintrust, to put in place powerful platforms for Fourth Party Logistics, to develop new business models for supply chains, and to use hybrid network structures to balance out the clients’ forms of organization. Today, the group of companies is among the leading enterprises in the 4PL industry in Europe with an impressive list of references. The company is structured in the following managerial units and joint ventures:

4PL Central Station Group
Headquarters: 4PL Central Station Group, Customer Relations, Rittergasse 35, Postfach 137, CH-4010 Basel

4PL Logistics Management
Head Office F&C: 4PL Logistics Management AG, Finance & Control, Baarerstrasse 16, CH-6300 Zug

4PL Central Station4PL Central Station AT
Head Office AT: 4PL Logistics Management GmbH, Hauptplatz 14, AT-3430 Tulln

4PL Central Station CH
Head Office CH: Central Station AG, Customer Relations, Rittergasse 35, Postfach 137, CH-4010 Basel

4PL Central Station DE
Head Office DE: 4PL Central Station Deutschland GmbH, Elisabeth-Selbert-Strasse 5c, DE-40764 Langenfeld

4PL Systems DE
Head Office DE: 4PL Systems GmbH, Elisabeth-Selbert-Strasse 5c, DE-40764 Langenfeld

4PL Central Station GB
Head Office GB: 4PL Central Station UK Ltd, 7 Langham Barns Business Centre, Langham Lane, Colchester, Essex, C04 5ZS

4PL Central Station IT
Head Office IT: 4PL Central Station Italia S.R.L., Via D. Manin 16/18, IT-36015 Schio (VI)

4PL Central Station US
Head Office US: 4PL Central Station USA Inc., 3218 Estates Avenue, US-94564 Pinole

4PL Central Station Partners
Head Office: 4PL Logistics Management AG, Baarerstrasse 16, CH-6300 Zug

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For more information on the 4PL Central Station Group and its enterprises in Europe and overseas, contact HQ of 4PL Central Station Group in Basel, Switzerland. Click “Contact” above and send us your enquiry.


4PL Central Station Group